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Internship Guide

Are you looking to hire an intern? This is a list of the different universities in the area where you can post your internship description and recruit some top talent!



Startup High:

Contact: Scott Kelly

Contact Info: scottkelly1@gmail.com



Department: MBA Summer internship program
Contact: John Ujvari
Contact information: sbir@sbtdc.org


Department: Technology Commercialization
Contact: Mike Carnes
Contact information: mcarnes@sbtdc.org


North Carolina State University:

Department: Analytics
Contact: Laurie Ladrie
Contact Information: laura_ladrie@ncsu.edu


Department: Entrepreneur Initiative
Contact information: http://ei.ncsu.edu/


Department: College of Sciences Program
Contact: Marcy Bullock
Contact information: marcy_bullock@ncsu.edu

Department: Business Management
Contact: Richard S. Warr
Contact Information: rswarr@ncsu.edu


Department: Parks, Recreation & Tourism Management  

Contact: Jason Bocarro

Contact information: jnbocarro@ncsu.edu


Department: Art and Design

Contact: Chandra Cox, Department Head for Art and Design

Contact information: cdcox@ncsu.edu


Department: Industrial and UX Design

Contact: Tsai Lu Liu, Department Head

Contact information: tliu12@ncsu.edu


Website Resource: ePack (website internships/jobs can be posted)
Contact: Bridget Yarborough
Contact information: bvyarbor@ncsu.edu



Department: Innovation and Entrepreneurship initiative
Contact: Marie-Angela Della Pia
Contact information:  marie.dellapia@duke.edu


Department: Associate Director, Employer Relations
Contact: Anne Lyford
Contact information: anne.lyford@duke.edu


Department: Management and Organizations/ Mentored Study in Entrepreneurship Program
Contact: James Sheldon
Contact information: james.sheldon@duke.edu


Department: Duke legal Practicum
Contact: Darrell Fruth
Contact information: dfruth@brookspierce.com



Department: Director of Internships
Contact: Lauren Humphrey Willetts
Contact information: lauren1h@email.unc.edu


Department: University Career Services
Contact: Teresa Holt
Contact information: tholt@email.unc.edu



Department: Assistant Director/Career Counselor
Contact: Christy Dunston
Contact information:csdunsto@email.unc.edu


Department: Communications
Contact:  Allison Schlobohm

Contact information: schloboh@email.unc.edu


Department: Kenan-Flagler Busniess School
Contacts: Jeri Oliaro
Contact Information:  Jeri_Oliaro@kenan-flagler.unc.edu


Website Resource: Simplicity
Contact: Julie Pendergraph
Contact Information: julie_pendergraph@unc.edu



Department: UNC Social Innovation Initiative

Contact: Mathilde Verdier
Contact info: mverdier@email.unc.edu


Department: School of Information and Library Science

Contact: Lori Haight, Career Services Coordinator

Contact information:  lhaight@email.unc.edu 


St. Marys:

Department: internships for high schools
Contact: Katherine Jackson
Contact information: kjackson@sms.edu



Department: Business
Contact: Jan Pagoria
Contact information: jpagoria@elon.edu


Department: Employer Relations
Contact: Tom Brinkley
Contact information: tbrinkley@elon.edu


Department: Corporate and employer relations
Contact: Lauren Limerick Duffy
Contact information: lduffy4@elon.edu

Department: Recruiting and Event Coordinator
Contact: Kristin M. B. Walker
Contact information: kwalker19@elon.edu 


Wake Forest:

Department: Director of center for Entrepreneurship
Contact: Dr. Stan Mandel
Contact information:  mandelsw@wfu.edu


Contact for Internships: Dana Hutchens
Contact information: hutchens@wfu.edu



Department: Head of Career Center
Contact: Julie beavers
Contact information: beaversj@campbell.edu

Contact for internships: Jessica Randall
Contact information: career@campbell.edu


Meredith College:

Contact: Mary Ellen Philen
Contact information: career@meredith.edu


Peace College:

Contact: Kathleen Monroe
Contact information:  kmonroe@peace.edu



Department: Patent Clinic
Link to Patent Clinic website: http://law.nccu.edu/clinics/patent-clinic/


Department: Undergraduate Internships
Contact: Dr. Deborah Brama
Contact information: dbrame@nccu.edu



Website: CAVlink


VA Tech:

Website Resource: Hokies4Hire
Contact: Lisa Boothe
Contact Information: lisa.boothe@vt.edu



Contact: Audrey Morgan
Contact information: career@ecu.edu


Wake Tech:

Department: Entrepreneurship Initiative

Contact Katie Gailes

Contact Information: kagailes@waketech.edu

Link: http://www.collegecentral.com/waketech/