Membership Agreement




HQ Raleigh Membership Agreement


310 S. Harrington Street

Raleigh, NC 27603


HQ is a community of entrepreneurs, change makers, visionaries and professionals looking to empower others, create businesses that are purpose driven and leave the world better than they found it. HQ envisions a future where individuals and companies will take courageous and mindful action to drive positive change.


As part of the community, I understand that it is my responsibility to maintain and foster these 6 HQ Core Values:


  1. Be Authentic: Together, members build a fun place to work by sharing their own unique talents and interests.
  2. Empower Others: HQ values collaboration and cooperation. This is a respectful place where it is safe to share ideas, inspirations and creativity.
  3. Drive Forward with Purpose: HQ wants to fill its community with people who have a strategic vision and the courage and determination to accomplish that vision.
  4. Think Big! HQ values everyone’s hopes, dreams and visions for the future! All are invited to join and build on the conversation.
  5. Leave the World Better than you Found it: Through individual action and its business model, HQ strives to care for the people, economy and planet.
  6. Embrace Diversity: HQ wants to create an inclusive community where everyone feels welcome and can contribute equally.


THEREFORE, and in consideration of monthly membership:

I agree to follow these policies as a member of the HQ Community










Membership entitles individuals to use HQ Raleigh exclusively for the operation, maintenance and management of one’s business and activities. Other uses of the space are not permitted unless prior approval is received by HQ Staff.


All HQ 25 hour members must sign in and out at the front desk.


Café and Multi-purpose rooms:

The Café and bar are open 24 hours a day, unless there is an evening or weekend event. Members will be notified in advance of these events.


The Café and bar is to be used exclusively for the operation, maintenance and management of business or to host community events. This means the café is not an extension of the bars downtown. Any members who use the café in this way will have their membership taken revoked.


Members are required to keep the café and communal areas clean for the shared enjoyment of all the members and guests.  Members agree to place dishes in the dishwasher after use or hand-wash them and to report equipment issues to the HQ Staff.


  • Members should label all food and drinks that are placed in the fridge, otherwise they will be seen as communal.
  • Members should throw away perishable food items. Those left in the refrigerator for longer than a week will be thrown away.
  • Beer is free for members. $3 donation for guests.
  • Juices are a $5 donation and all proceeds go to the Community Food Lab and Jamie Kirk Hahn Foundation.
  • Filtered water is in the sink next to the window.
  • Directions to make coffee is posted next to the coffee pot.


Equipment and Supplies:

Members are permitted to use the equipment owned or leased by HQ Raleigh and located throughout the HQ space. Please see notes below about specific equipment.


Showers: Please do not leave towels or clothes in the bathroom.


Dishwasher: All dishes MUST be rinsed thoroughly before they are placed in the machine or it will get clogged.


Red Espresso Machine: This machine is the property of Jubala Village Coffee and is only to be used by Jubala staff and those trained directly by Andrew Cash.


Desks: Members are welcome to eat and drink at their desks, but are asked to wipe down the desk with the spray bottle so the next person has a clean workspace.


Projector: A projector can be borrowed from the HQ staff suite. In order to ensure availability, members should make requests with at least 24 hours of advanced notice. A TV is available in each of the conference rooms and some of the huddle rooms.


Last Person Out: The last person to leave a room or the last person to leave the building for the night, should turn off all lights.



All members have an allotted amount of 50 pages of free printing per month. Additional printing is available for $.10 per sheet.


Please use the black and white printer for printing to reduce ink and toner usage.



All faxes are sent through Smartfax.  To fax, members send an email to with the subject line “FAX”. HQ Staff then uses Smartfax to send the document to the designated fax number.


The document that needs to be faxed must be a PDF.  Please include the fax number and name of recipient.



An HQ team member will be available M-F 9am-5pm.  They are available to answer questions about the HQ and greet guests. They are not responsible for answering company phone lines and directing calls.


All guests must sign in at the front desk. An email will be sent to the member once their guest has checked in.



All Suite members are encouraged to put up their logo or company name on the glass of their suites. Members must check with an HQ team member before hanging or attaching a logo to make sure it is an approved material and size.


Huddle rooms and large conference rooms:

In order to use the six huddle rooms and 2 large conference rooms, members must reserve it through HQ’s Roomzilla booking system.  Our suggested limit per day is 90 minutes.


Multi-Purpose room:

The multi-purpose room can be booked through an HQ team member. This room can be used for brainstorming, classroom style learning, networking or theatre style presentations.


Phone booth

HQ Raleigh asks that members be conscientious of others who want to make a private call and limit calls to no more than 30 minutes. The Phonebooths are first come, first serve.



Internet / Telephone Usage:

No spamming, posting or downloading illegal files or files that one does not have the rights to. Members may not access any other device connected to the HQ network or the Internet without permission to access. Usage of Internet for heavy downloading/uploading is not condoned and any acts which may affect the quality or usage of the service for other users is not tolerated.  While the HQ promises to do its best efforts in providing members with access to Internet and telephones, each member agrees that the HQ is not liable for any damages for failure to furnish or delay in furnishing any equipment or Internet service (including telephone and telecommunication services) or for diminution in the quality or quantity of any Internet or telecommunications service.


Members are encouraged to take calls in the Phonebooths located both upstairs and downstairs to allow for other members to focus on their work.

All members and members’ guests are responsible for their own belongings and actions. HQ assumes no liability in connection with any losses related to personal items or any personal injuries that occur in the space. Should any action or inaction cause damage or cost to HQ, that cost is subject to be levied by member or members.

To the fullest extent permitted by law, by signing below, members release and hold harmless HQ from any claim they have or might have in connection with anything that has occurred or might occur on or in connection with the use of the Common Areas or Offices.


Video and Photo Release:

Photos and videos may be taken during events and in the café, multi-purpose rooms and common areas. We will respect the privacy of suites, conference rooms and co-working space and photos and video will not be taken in those rooms unless verbal permission is received from members. We will try our best to give members warning if photos or videos are to be taken in the café, multi-purpose rooms or common areas during business hours.


We ask that all members inform HQ staff of any media coverage or photographs in the HQ space as soon as they know about it so that other members can be given notice.


I give HQ Raleigh full permission for the use of pictures, images, voice, actions, video footage and other personally identifiable information and waive all rights of privacy or compensation, which I may have in connection with such use of pictures, images, voice, actions, video footage and other personally identifiable information.


I grant HQ Raleigh the irrevocable and unrestricted right to use my picture, image, actions, voice and other personally identifiable information associated with such video footage in all formats, media and in all manners, including composite or altered representations, for advertising or any other lawful purposes.

I waive any right to inspect or approve the finished version(s), including written copy that may be created in connection with the video production, editing and promotion therewith.

Conflict Management:

HQ requests that all parties with whom we have formal and informal relationships, including customers, members, contractors, consultants, employees and volunteers, consider and agree to participate with us in alternative dispute resolution to resolve any and all conflicts and/or disputed issues that may arise within the course of our contractual relationship.  In the spirit of our community manifesto and collaborative focus, we encourage respectful, open and direct communication to address issues at the earliest stage. In an effort to provide consistency and clarity for staff, hosts and members, we developed a Conflict Management Protocol for HQ, which outlines alternative dispute resolution processes that may be used to address any and all conflicts that may arise.  An alternative dispute resolution agreement does not waive any legal rights.


Membership Hours and Fees:

Membership level is established in anticipation of a member’s estimated hours of use of the workspace on a monthly basis. HQ does not grant refunds for unused membership hours. Unused hours do not roll over into the following month nor can they be shared with another member.


Conference room hours are included in the total workspace time, not additional.  Additional huddle room hours can be purchased for $20 an hour and large conference room hours can be purchased for $35 an hour.  Rates for private rental can be provided upon request.



Members are welcome to invite guests to HQ for the purpose of business meetings or events.  If a guest enjoys HQ environment and stays at HQ for two hours or longer, we ask that the hosting member reserve a meeting room or purchase a Day Pass for the guest. If a member wants to have 2 or more guests at any time, we require that the hosting member reserves a meeting room, meet in a member suite or meet in the cafe.


All guests must check in and out at the front desk ipad.


Changes to Membership (not applicable to suite members):

Requests to change membership level must be received by the 21st of the month prior to when the member would like the change to take effect. Membership level changes will take effect the 1st day of the subsequent month.

Membership Cancellation (not applicable to suite members):

Membership cancellation requests must be received by the 21st of the month prior to cancellation. Cancellations will take effect by the 1st of the subsequent month and deposits will be applied to that last month. Upon cancellation, members  can chose to purchase a community membership to continue to have access to the online community and HQ events. Membership cancellation without purchase of a community membership includes deactivation of membership profile, removal from online communities and communications, and no member access to the workspace.  On cancellation of workspace membership, members shall return to us all HQ property, including any keys and/or access cards and remove all  property—including mail.



Membership Termination:

HQ may terminate membership if a member fails to pay the balance of his/her membership in a timely manner, if a member fails to abide by any term of this agreement, or for any other reason prohibited by law.


If a member company needs to terminate an employee, HQ Staff must be notified so that they can remove building access and remove the member from the HQ system.
New Employees:

New Employees of a company must complete an orientation and sign a membership agreement form.  Member companies are asked to notify HQ staff at least one week before an employee starts and allow one week for key copies to be made.


Social and Environmental Responsibility

HQ Raleigh is committed to reaching the triple bottom line by conducting its operations in a way that benefits people, planet, and profit. In order to make an even bigger impact, HQ Raleigh encourage members to promote social and environmental responsibility by:


  • Considering environmental consequences of daily business operations by conserving resources and reducing waste in accordance to the 3 R’s: reduce, recycle, and reuse.
  • Giving back to the local community by being involved in community service events, set up either through HQ Raleigh or through other local organizations
  • Adopting a philosophy to strive for a triple bottom line business and exploring the opportunities and benefits of becoming a social enterprise or certified B Corporation.


Some simple steps each member can take to fulfill these values are:


  • Recycling paper, food containers, and e-waste in the proper bins located in the co-working space and kitchen.
  • Buying eco-friendly office materials.
  • Being conscious of water usage when in the kitchen by using the dishwasher only when full, shutting off the faucet when not in use, and taking short showers.
  • Being conscious of energy usage when using huddle rooms, conference rooms, and individual workspace lighting
  • Staying updated with HQ Raleigh organized community service events


Additional Membership Benefits

HQ is pleased to offer members various discounts on different products and services of local businesses. A complete list of discounts and values are available in the Benefits document in Sharefile.






Membership fees are billed monthly on the 1st of each month in advance of that month’s usage. Meeting room rentals and other resources are billed upon or following usage.


Unless special arrangements are made, all payment is processed through Nexudus and Forte. Members can add a card or bank account on file through the Nexudus portal. Nexudus & Forte will automatically raise an invoice and charge the card or bank account on file on the first of the month. It is the responsibility of the member to add an initial card or bank account upon joining, and update the card or account as needed. By signing below, the member gives permission for HQ Raleigh to automatically pull funds from the card or account that is associated with their Nexudus account.


Missed Payments:

Should the collection of payment be declined or not received by the 1st of the month or date of invoice, members will have 10 days from the time of notice to reconcile the payment. If the payment is not reconciled within this reasonable time frame, the payment is subject to an additional penalty of 15% and membership may be subject to termination. If the account is not reconciled with the additional fees within 45 days, it may be subject to collections.
Refunds and Credits:

HQ will not grant refunds for unused membership hours. Refunds will not be granted if changes to membership level or cancellation of membership are not submitted by the 21st of the month prior. Refunds and credits for other matters may be provided at the sole discretion of the HQ.




Suites may be given a certain number of parking spots based upon their suite rental agreement, included in the cost of their suite. Additional spots are available for purchase.  Lost parking tags will cost $20 to replace. Any car parked without a parking tag is subject to towing.


All co-working members and additional suite members are welcome to park in the HQ spots located on Dawson Street on a first come, first serve basis, but must sign out a parking sticker and place it on their car dashboard.  Parking stickers must be signed in and out at the reception. Any parking tags that are lost or not returned will be charged a $20 fee. Any car parked without a parking tag is subject to towing.


Designated parking spaces are available for a fee, depending on availability.



Bike Share

All members are encouraged to use the bikes throughout the day to run errands, go to meetings or go out to eat lunch.  Bikes are available to rent from 8:30am to 5pm.


Bikes, locks and helmets must be signed in and out at the reception.  Members are encouraged to wear helmets. Members are responsible to replace any stolen bikes.


Bikes are free for members. Bikes are free for the first hour for guests and $5 an hour after that.


Please initial all of the following statements below


___ I understand that payments are due the first of the month.


___   I authorize HQ Raleigh to charge my credit card or account of file (via Nexudus & Forte) automatically on the first of each month, until I cancel membership.


___ I understand that I must cancel by the 21st of the month prior to the date I want

my membership to end or I am responsible for the following monthly payments.



___I understand that the HQ 25 membership is 25 hours a month, not 25 hours a



___I agree to abide by the HQ membership agreement, uphold the core values and do

my part to contribute to the HQ Raleigh community.



                                                                                                        Date                                               .






The Startup League


Powered by Radix, The Startup League is a unique initiative which rewards promising startups through a wide range of marketing support, including a minimum sponsorship of 25% when exhibiting at leading conferences like Web Summit, TC Disrupt, SXSW etc

Benefits include:

  • At least 25% sponsorship on exhibitor fees at leading startup conferences like Web Summit, TC Disrupt, SXSW, Rise, Launch etc.
  • Branded merchandise like T-shirts and goodies for the event
  • PR mentions in leading publications like AlleyWatch, Tech.EU etc and,
  • VIP domain name access.

To become a member and avail these benefits, all you need to do is establish your primary domain name on one of our domain extensions – .TECH, .STORE, .SPACE, .ONLINE, .SITE, .WEBSITE, .PRESS and .HOST.
Don’t own a Radix domain name? No worries, all HQ Raleigh members get a domain name on one of our extensions free for a year! Just fill out the application form on our website, and tell us you are from HQ Raleigh to claim the free domain name.

Internship Guide

Are you looking to hire an intern? This is a list of the different universities in the area where you can post your internship description and recruit some top talent!



Startup High:

Contact: Scott Kelly

Contact Info:



Department: MBA Summer internship program
Contact: John Ujvari
Contact information:


Department: Technology Commercialization
Contact: Mike Carnes
Contact information:


North Carolina State University:

Department: Analytics
Contact: Laurie Ladrie
Contact Information:


Department: Entrepreneur Initiative
Contact information:


Department: College of Sciences Program
Contact: Marcy Bullock
Contact information:

Department: Business Management
Contact: Richard S. Warr
Contact Information:


Department: Parks, Recreation & Tourism Management  

Contact: Jason Bocarro

Contact information:


Department: Art and Design

Contact: Chandra Cox, Department Head for Art and Design

Contact information:


Department: Industrial and UX Design

Contact: Tsai Lu Liu, Department Head

Contact information:


Website Resource: ePack (website internships/jobs can be posted)
Contact: Bridget Yarborough
Contact information:



Department: Innovation and Entrepreneurship initiative
Contact: Marie-Angela Della Pia
Contact information:


Department: Associate Director, Employer Relations
Contact: Anne Lyford
Contact information:


Department: Management and Organizations/ Mentored Study in Entrepreneurship Program
Contact: James Sheldon
Contact information:


Department: Duke legal Practicum
Contact: Darrell Fruth
Contact information:



Department: Director of Internships
Contact: Lauren Humphrey Willetts
Contact information:


Department: University Career Services
Contact: Teresa Holt
Contact information:


Department: Assistant Director/Career Counselor
Contact: Christy Dunston


Department: Communications
Contact:  Allison Schlobohm

Contact information:


Department: Kenan-Flagler Busniess School
Contacts: Jeri Oliaro
Contact Information:


Website Resource: Simplicity
Contact: Julie Pendergraph
Contact Information:


Department: UNC Social Innovation Initiative

Contact: Mathilde Verdier
Contact info:


Department: School of Information and Library Science

Contact: Lori Haight, Career Services Coordinator

Contact information: 


St. Marys:

Department: internships for high schools
Contact: Katherine Jackson
Contact information:



Department: Business
Contact: Jan Pagoria
Contact information:


Department: Employer Relations
Contact: Tom Brinkley
Contact information:


Department: Corporate and employer relations
Contact: Lauren Limerick Duffy
Contact information:

Department: Recruiting and Event Coordinator
Contact: Kristin M. B. Walker
Contact information: 


Wake Forest:

Department: Director of center for Entrepreneurship
Contact: Dr. Stan Mandel
Contact information:


Contact for Internships: Dana Hutchens
Contact information:



Department: Head of Career Center
Contact: Julie beavers
Contact information:

Contact for internships: Jessica Randall
Contact information:


Meredith College:

Contact: Mary Ellen Philen
Contact information:


Peace College:

Contact: Kathleen Monroe
Contact information:



Department: Patent Clinic
Link to Patent Clinic website:


Department: Undergraduate Internships
Contact: Dr. Deborah Brama
Contact information:



Website: CAVlink


VA Tech:

Website Resource: Hokies4Hire
Contact: Lisa Boothe
Contact Information:



Contact: Audrey Morgan
Contact information:


Wake Tech:

Department: Entrepreneurship Initiative

Contact Katie Gailes

Contact Information: