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Huddle Rooms


Huddle Rooms

We have 6 huddle rooms in this space. Huddle rooms are rooms which can hold about 4-5 people and they are ideal for a quick meeting if you have a guest visiting, or for hopping on a phone conference with your team. All rooms have a VoIP phone with a direct number which you can share if you need to receive a call. Should you need to dial internationally, please message a staff member to make sure we have the phone set up to call to that country code. All rooms are labeled with their name outside of the door. “U” stands for upstairs. “D” stands for downstairs. If you forget which room here are some hints:

  • U1: Furniture room (no table)
  • U2: All white room, next to the E-Clinic
  • U3: Located at the top of the stairs (the only huddle room with a TV)
  • U4: Located next to the quiet co-working space
  • D1: First floor, first door around the corner
  • D2: First floor, second door

To Connect to the TV in Huddle room U3, you can use Airplay if you have a Mac or an HDMI cable if you have a PC. Specific instructions are located in the room. To learn how to book a room, search for “Booking a Room”.


Bike Share


Bike Share Program

HQ Raleigh has 12 bikes in the back for members to check out. Simply sign a waiver at the front desk for your first ride and provide a piece of collateral to get a bike key. Helmets are also available upon request. See front desk for more details.

If you brought you own bike, bikes racks are located in the front of the building and across the street.




We rotate different coffee beans to showcase local roasters. Our coffee is primarily from Carrboro Coffee, Raleigh Coffee Company, and Torch Coffee.  Coffee is included in your membership. Please ask guests to pay a $3 donation at the jar or the I-Pad next to the tap.

Instructions to brew coffee are located next to the coffee pot at the end of the bar.