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Hungry Harvest


Ever wonder what happens to the sweet potatoes that are too oddly shaped for the grocery store? Or all the apples that don’t get picked at the orchards? Hungry Harvest  works with farmers and wholesalers to rescue their “ugly” and surplus fruits and vegetables for their weekly delivery service, which is now live in the Triangle area. Each box saves at least 10 pounds of produce from going to waste and supports food donations to the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle.
Check out their press release for more information, and use the exclusive HQ member discount code HQ10 for $10 off your first order!

Map of HQ Raleigh


First Floor
110 – Malartu
111 – Rubicon
112 – Lawson Hammock
Portable Databases
113 – Pixbit
114 – NC State office of Tech Transfer
115 – Cityzen
117 – Lexercise
118 – Joulebug
119 –  Help Get Sponsored
120 – Huddle Room D2
121 – Huddle Room D1
122 – Lexi Capital
123 – Vaporware
125 – Multipurpose Room
126 – Ping Pong Room

Second Floor
203 – Quite Co-working
204 & 208 – Clipper Data
205 – Huddle Room U4
206 – Stealz
207 – Signal Hill
209 – Offline Media
211- Bernie Sez  &  Big Pixel
213 – Rex Healthcare Ventures
214 – Three Post
215 & 216 – Lea(R)n Trials
218- Huddle Room U3
224 – NCSU E-Clinic
Other Space – Small conference room, Huddle rooms U1 & U2


If you do not see the company you are looking for in on this map, the company may work across the street in the loft space or in the general open co-working area.


B Corp


Benefit Corporation (B. Corp)

  • We are a B Corp. B Corp is a certification that is analogous with Fair Trade or Leed Certification. It is a certification for triple bottom line businesses, so we look at the economic bottom line along with the social and environmental part of our business.
  • Patagonia, Seventh Generation, Ben and Jerry’s, Warby Parker are all examples of B Corporations.
  • We are the first co-working space in North Carolina to get this certification and the second co-working brand in the world to have this certification.
  • We use local coffee, local beer, we compost, recycle, recycle batteries and ink cartridges, use non-toxic janitorial products and pay attention to our sponsors and partners.


gender neutral


We have 8 restrooms in our space; four upstairs at the top of the steps, two downstairs behind the phonebooths, and two near the downstairs printer. All restrooms are gender neutral so feel free to use any room. One downstairs restroom is labeled as a mother’s room. All restrooms should be equipped with soap and a hand dryer or towels. Please let staff know asap if the restrooms need attention or run out of supplies.


Building Access


Building Access

The main building is open from 8am-5pm M-F unless there is a holiday. For members who will be accessing the building afterhours, HQ Staff will be providing access through an app called Kisi.

Please follow the directions below to get set up.



  1. Receive automated email from Kisi
  2. Download the Kisi app on your Android or iOS device.
  3. Create a new account using the email address where you received your Kisi invite
  4. You will receive a second email from Kisi once you create your account. Follow instructions in this email to confirm your account.
  5. Log in to the Kisi App and start unlocking doors!


If you have any problems, please email the Kisi team at:






Parking downtown can be tight! We have limited space in our back lot. If you are here early, you can snatch up one of our 10 floating spots in the back row of the parking lot. To provide more parking options, however, HQ Raleigh also has a satellite lot where members can park all day and not worry about moving their car. Below you will find the details for those and other options for parking and transportation:

Back Lot

There are 10 floating spots for members. To park in the back lot, please go to the front desk to obtain a parking sticker for your vehicle. You may then park in any of the HQ Raleigh spaces (parking map located on front and back doors).


HQ Park & Ride: 1027 N. West Street

Unlimited members = Included in membership

HQ 25 members = $55/month

GUESTS: Remember, there are guest parking at the HQ Park and Ride lot. Spaces are free for the first 3 hours or $10/day. Use the following blurb to share with your guests:

Visiting HQ Raleigh? We have 10 guests spots at 1027 West N. Street. There is a shuttle that will take you to and from HQ Raleigh. Please allow 10 minutes for transportation. The shuttle can be reached at 919 239 1599

Bikes: We have bike racks in the front and across the street at the loft for anyone who rides.

Additional Parking: Below are some additional parking options in the area and bus stops near HQ.

Bus Stops near HQ:

CAT service:

13 and r-line – Davie @ Harrington St

21 – W Cabarrus St @ Helen Wright Ctr

7, 11, 19, 21 – McDowell St @ Davie St

Triangle Transit:

301, 303, 305 – Dawson St @ Cabarrus St

Remember, the R Line is free!


Commerce Place (street located behind Humble Pie), West Martin and   S. Harrington St

Street parking available (times vary; Some long term day parking)

Depot Parking (end of Harrington Street)

6AM-4PM = $10

After 4PM = $20

419 S. McDowell Street Surface Lot- 3 blocks away

$5 daily

$55 Monthly

Public and Permit Parking on corner of S. West and Hargett St.

Dillon Lot A and B- 2 blocks away

Dillon B (M-F 7pm-7am = $5 and Sat-Sun = $8)

Dillon A (M-F 7pm-7am and Sat-Sun = $5)

Monthly Parking-$60

324 West Morgan Street Surface Lot- 3.5 blocks away

$3 Daily Parking

$50 a month

Public Parking Deck off Davie St. right past Benchmark Autoworks

Rates: $1.00/half-hour and $10 daily maximum

For additional parking lots in the area, Check out this parking Map of the downtown area surface lots.

Booking a Room

large conference room

Booking a Room

One great perk of membership is that you can use our huddle and conference rooms. Depending on your level of membership, you have a certain number of free conference room hours, and then a member discount if you need to rent additional space. To check you allotted hours, please review our membership options at To book a room, follow the steps below:

  1. Once you have decided on a date and time for your meeting, go online to the Nexudus user portal at
  2. Sign into the portal
  3. In the top right corner of the screen go to HQ Raleigh > Bookings
  4. On the calendar, select the desired room, date, and time.
  5. Click “Save booking”

Booking last minute? If you didn’t reserve ahead of time but you are in the space, you can also walk up to one of the I Pads outside of the room and hit “use now” and enter in your info to book the room.